Month: June 2012

Adventist Women in Kabwe, Zambia keep streets clean

In a vivid display of owning community responsibility, Adventist women, affectionately known as Dorcas Mothers in Kabwe (East and West), swarmed the streets and alleys armed with brooms and a passion to make a difference. The Mayor of Kabwe, Moses Mwansa, said that his council appreciated the consistent effort of the SDA church for engaging […]

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Dorcas Mothers in Zambia

Zambia – Kabwe East Mission District (KEMD) – Dorcas mothers donated blankets, pillows and fruit worth over K5 Million to Kabwe General Hospital. The Adventist Women, affectionately known as Dorcas Mothers,  who converged at the hospital entrance for encouraging words from the Bible, read by Elder Gilbert Kalimukwa, donated 30 blankets and pillows to Ward […]

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