25 000 New Members – One City – One year 47 000 New Members – Two Cities – One year – Angola for Christ –

Year-end SID EXCOM, November 8, 2013.  Special prayer of thanks was offered to God for His leading in the success celebrated following “Luanda for Christ”.  The latest reports of baptisms still taking place in Angola, as a result of this initiative, is almost 25 000 new members. Luanda was the chosen city of the Southern Africa Indian Ocean Division (SID) for Urban evangelism emphasis in 2013.  Immediately following “Luanda for Christ” the same evangelistic spirit was evident in Huambo for Christ where another 22 000 new members were added to the church.

While we praise God for the commitment of the new members, we still have a large work to do in reaching the cities of SID with the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Dr Paul Ratsara, President (SID) reminded the members of the SID Executive committee: “the challenge is far greater than the success”.

When asked about the secret behind this explosive growth Dr Passmore Hachalinga (North-Eastern Angola Union President) stated that one of the reasons is that “thousands of church members in Luanda, who may not have made large financial or material donations, devoted several hours of personal labor, serving in 50,000 small groups, as well as opening their homes to augment the more than 3,500 preaching sites.”

The SID is grateful for the ongoing partnership with Maranatha Volunteers International, for building churches to accommodate the increased new membership.  A special Prayer was offered for the prosperity and mission of Maranatha as they were surrounded by Union Presidents and Officers of the SID while the entire EXCOM stood in unison during the prayer.

As a response after the video report was presented Elder Daniel R. Jackson (President: North American Division) responded: “I was inspired and blessed by the report.  The thoroughness of the preparation, the care in interviewing and preparing candidates and the joyous celebrations that took place within the city of Luanda really sets a template for other cities in terms of how we can approach the major urban centers in our world.”

SID has fully embraced urban evangelism and affirm that IT’S TIME, as they recognize the urgency of Urban Mission.


Dr Paul Charles

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