SID Welcomes His Excellency Mr Kapinga

The Southern Africa Indian Ocean Division was visited by his Excellency, Mr Kenny Kapinga, the High Commissioner of the Republic of Botswana in South Africa on  Tuesday, February 20th, 2012.    Pastor Machamire, vice-president –SID, introduced him to the Officers and directors of the SID.

During the meeting with the Officers and Directors, SID President, Pastor Paul Ratsara expressed great appreciation to Mr Kapinga and assured him of the constant support and prayer of the Seventh-day Adventist church on his behalf.  The words of James 1v5 were elaborated upon as the high commissioner received words of wisdom from the leadership of the Southern Africa Indian Ocean Division.

In his response, the High commissioner said that he valued the efforts of the Seventh-day Adventist church and mentioned, in particular, Ps Moesi who has been instrumental in helping him adjust in South Africa.   Pastor Solomon Maphosa, the Executive Secretary – SID, offered a parting prayer after the prayer- request of the high commissioner was received.

The Department of Public Affairs & Religious Liberty (PARL) of the SID is charged with representing the Seventh-day Adventist Church to national leaders within its territory and to other faith communities. Further, it supports and helps to coordinate the work of the PARL departments in each of the unions and their constituent bodies.

The PARL Department focuses primarily on ensuring the God-given universal human right of religious freedom becomes a universal reality. It also works in co-operation with other church departments to advocate public policy positions on issues in areas as diverse as health, education, peace issues, environmental protection, women’s’ issues, children’s’ issues, the rights of prisoners, and aid and development.

By Paul Charles

Communication – Southern Africa Indian Ocean Division

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