3rd SID Literature Evangelists Congress held in Boksburg, South Africa

The Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division  (SID) Publishing Ministries Department held its third Literature Evangelist Congress at Birchwood Hotel, Boksburg, South Africa. This event, which is held every five years, was attended by over 800 delegates from the 23 countries. The congress ran under the theme “In His presence: Onward In Service”. This theme was chosen in order to encapsulate the fact that, it is only the presence of God which empowers us to serve and guarantees success to Literature Evangelists who are led by the Spirit.  The purpose of the congress was to “come rest a while” after hectic schedules the Literature Evangelists have had in an effort to win souls for Christ. The second reason was to celebrate the miracles that God has performed through His servants by bringing many into the fold. Last but definitely not least, the organizers hoped the delegates would be inspired by the various presentations, thereby increasing their zeal as they continue with this great work in their countries of service.

Among the delegates were General Conference (GC) Vice President Elder B. Biaggi, GC Publishing director, and Associate, Elders Marroni and Apola respectively and GC Associate Ministerial Secretary Elder P. Goia. Besides the GC delegates, the congress was graced by the presence of representatives from the South American Division, Miami Inter-America Division and the Southern Asia Division. Stanborough Press and Editorial Safeliz also marked their support of the meeting, while Max Moyo and Tefo Kabo equipped the guests with life skills.

While the congress as a whole was considered a success, the highlight of the meeting was the Sabbath presentation by SID President,  Dr. S Maphosa. He challenged the delegates to multiply themselves by recruiting more people to scatter the books like the leaves of autumn, so as to hasten the second coming of the Lord. The congress climaxed with recognizing the Literature Evangelists for the years they have served. The years of service ranged from 5 to 40. At the end of the congress,  it was evident that the LE’s were empowered and equipped to cooperate with divinity to take their ministry to greater heights. 

By Super Moesi, SID Publishing/SOP Director

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