Unity is not optional

Unity has become a buzzword in organizational circles recently, and indeed it should, when we understand the mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.  Dr Paul Ratsara, SID President, summed it up well, in his presentation on “Teamwork,” when he said that unity is not optional for church leadership.

The SID Leadership Summit – 2013 was elevated to a higher level as leaders separated into groups to discuss different issues that strengthen or undermine unity.

As the President, Executive Secretary and Chief Financial Officer presented items dealing with the mission and operations of the church, leaders asked questions and clarity was sought on many issues affecting the church.

According to Union and Conference officers in the SID territory, the following factors might enhance organizational unity:

  1. Spiritual maturity
  2. Consultative and Consensus-based decision-making processes
  3. Focusing on clearly agreed goals and objectives
  4. Building interpersonal relationships beyond professional ties
  5. Maintaining high levels of accountability and confidentiality
  6. Adhering to clearly defined roles and responsibilities
  7. Policy compliance and commitment to organizational goals
  8. Transparency/openness
  9. Total participation in the programs and activities organized by church entities.

The SID Leadership is committed to the Unity of the Seventh-day Adventist church and recognizes that the mandate to spread the good news of salvation to the world hinges on a Spirit-led unity of those who have experienced that salvation and are called to lead God’s church.

Dr Paul Charles

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