A Thousand Ways To Minister

The Story of a Literature Evangelist

The colporteur ministry continues to have a lasting impact on the community. While we may think all literature evangelists do is sell books, sometimes, if not most times, they have encounters that require them to go beyond the call of duty. This was the case for Teresa Songo, a young colporteur who has dedicated her life to helping people improve their lifestyle. She does this by sharing books that address health matters, character-building, faith, and relationships. Teresa was recently part of a group of literature evangelists who focused on Sumbe, a city in Angola. The group worked in this city for a month targeting leading institutions in the socio-political life of the province of Kwanza-sul. 

In one of these institutions, Teresa would meet a lady who was dealing with a collapsing marriage. As Teresa presented the book 111 Tips For Engaged and Newly Wed Couples, her client sobbed hysterically and asked her to stop talking about divorce. “My husband is leaving me for a 24-year-old girl”, she said. Teresa could not contain herself. As tears rolled down her eyes, she asked herself what kind of advice she could give to a woman who appeared to be her mother’s age. However, it was not long before she asked, “Do you believe in God?” Her client responded, “I do believe, but I cannot pray. You must pray for me. I believe you have been sent to help me.” 

The two ladies prayed in the office, but Teresa went a step further and offered to continue praying with the lady throughout the week. However, her next gesture would shock her client as Teresa informed the lady that she would also fast with her every Sunday. “Are you going to stop eating because of my problems?” the lady asked when she heard Teresa’s proposal. As she left the office, the lady offered to buy all the books that Teresa had in her bag. “I will pay for all of them and give them to each of my colleagues.” 

Within two weeks, the affected lady called Teresa to inform her that her husband, who hadn’t called her for a while, finally spoke to her. “He is taking me on vacation, and I am taking my book with me!” she shared with excitement. Is there anything too hard for the Lord? We thank God that the Literature ministry continues to change lives in ways that we cannot even comprehend.

Diamantino Sawambo is the Communication, Publishing and Spirit of Prophecy Director for the South-Western Angola Union

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