Adventist Women in Kabwe, Zambia keep streets clean

In a vivid display of owning community responsibility, Adventist women, affectionately known as Dorcas Mothers in Kabwe (East and West), swarmed the streets and alleys armed with brooms and a passion to make a difference.

The Mayor of Kabwe, Moses Mwansa, said that his council appreciated the consistent effort of the SDA church for engaging the community and keeping the town clean.  He also remarked that in seeing the women in blue working so sacrificially, it was a good representation of Christ.

“We struggle every morning to keep our town clean by 10 am, the place looks as if we had not done anything. So we are appealing to you to give us more help by educating the community on cleanliness for us all to work together in keeping our town clean,’ he said.

The Dorcas mothers who were led by Kabwe East Dorcas Federation president: Annie Mulambo and Kabwe West Dorcas leader: Nora Shanene, were joined by the Adventists Men Organization (AMO) who assisted in the collection of garbage using council wheelbarrows.

Pr. Chabala, who cited Mathews 5:13, said it was the church’s role to, not only use the pulpit to preach the word of God but practice the same through community service.  Meanwhile, a Kabwe resident Raphael Chikasa commended the Dorcas mothers for the step they took to help the council in cleaning the town.

While the Adventist church in Zambia grows, Adventist women and Dorcas mothers continue to labor tirelessly on behalf of the Master they serve, Jesus Christ.


By Kembo Chisebe

Kabwe – Zambia 

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