Angola Women’s Ministries Department Hosts Leadership Certification Programme

Adventist women across the Southern Africa-Indian Division have demonstrated resilience during this challenging time. Against all the odds, they have continued to encourage and educate one another during the lockdown period that most countries had to adhere to. The Women’s Ministries Department in North East Angola Union Conference, NEAU, held a Women’s Ministries Leadership Certification Programme during lockdown. The program, which is accredited by Andrews University, is designed to address one of the six critical issues faced by women worldwide which is lack of training and mentoring.

The attendees of the level four certificate included Conference and Provincial Women’s Ministries Leaders. Some of the seminars that were covered include Leadership Mentoring for the 21st Century Woman, Women Mentoring Women, Creating Potential Leaders,  and Equipping Leaders for Success. Upon completion of the course, the ladies received a Women’s Ministries certificate and also an Andrews University certificate. To learn more about the Leadership Certification, visit https://women.adventist.org/leadership-certification

Submitted by: Bonginkosi Sibanda. NEAU Women’s Ministries Director

Photos courtesy of NEAU Women’s Ministries Department

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