Bethel SDA Church Women’s Ministries Department Donates PPE to Health Centre

The Bethel SDA Church Women’s Ministries Department donated Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and other items to Area 18 Health Centre in Lilongwe, Malawi. The women went a step further and raised funds to have the Health Centre fumigated as a COVID -19 preventive measure. This act of kindness was a response to the Health Centre Officer in Charge, sharing the risk that their personnel and patients were facing due to lack of PPE. The Women’s Ministries leader of Bethel SDA Church, Mrs Esnath Chokotho thanked the women for their contribution. She also mentioned that at the time of donation, the Health Centre did not even have gloves. Yet, they were still expected to function as usual, including the delivery of babies.Bethel SDA Church is a new branch of Lilongwe Central SDA Church which was recently established to combat overcrowding in churches as a COVID-19 safety measure. We praise God that though newly formed, the church members are already making strides in helping the society.

Submitted by Emily Banda Egolet, Malawi Union Conference AWM Director.

Photos courtesy of Bethel SDA Church Women’s Ministries Department

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