Central Church of Ponta Gea Supports Communities and the Central Hospital of Beira During Covid-19

On the 16th of May 2020, the Central Church of Ponta Gea in the City of Beira, Mozambique, carried out a campaign to donate blood and distribute masks to the community. Since mass gatherings are prohibited, the brothers joined forces and planned this activity using social media networks. In response to a shortage of blood in the province’s largest hospital, members decided to donate the precious liquid to patients who need it.

During the occasion, the mobiliser for the recruitment of donors from Sofala Province, Ano Jaime Sumba, thanked the Adventist church for the partnership and continued support. Approximately 40 church members participated on the day. Reflecting on the event, Elder Sérgio António Mozangar says, “For this campaign, we used social networks as a means of information dissemination and the youth responded to our call. Thanks to all the heroes present here. The initiative aims to spread love to others in response to the great love that God has shown us.

On the same day, part of the local church Youth Ministry distributed masks at the Grande Hotel. Once thought to be a luxurious getaway, the hotel has been turned into a shelter for over 2000 homeless people. The mask distribution campaign will continue next week and will benefit the areas of Praia Nova and Munhava Matope. All these events were covered by local television networks of Mozambique and Académica and also by Jornal, Diário de Moçambique, Rádio Índico and Académica.

By Sergio António Mozangar

Photos courtesy of Lucio Ajape

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