Centre Of Influence Commissioned In South Zambia Conference

On the 8th of October 2023, members of the Dorcas and Adventist Men Organization (DORCAMO) Societies celebrated the official opening of DORCAMO Skills Training Centre in Choma which was attended by hundreds of people from various Mission Districts of South Zambia Conference. The Centre which is intended to run various Survival Skills when completely finished was commissioned by Zambia’s Science and Technology minister Hon. Felix Mutati. In a speech delivered on his behalf by the Assistant Director of Planning, Provincial Administration Mr Michael Inambao, Mr Mutati said, “this is a momentous occasion that marks a significant step forward in our commitment to education, empowerment and Community development as a nation”. He further emphasised that, “We Zambians are so proud and happy about these positive developments and on behalf of the  Republican President of Zambia, Mr Hakainde Hichilema, the government is so grateful for  sacrifice and dedication in building these facility”.

Mr. Mutati further said the Government of the Republic of Zambia attaches great interest in seeing organizations such as the Seventh-day Adventist Church that are working hard in supplementing government efforts in reducing unemployment levels in the country. He said that he was grateful to see the Seventh-day Adventist Church improving lives of individuals and Communities which he described as a testimony to the unwavering commitment to making a positive impact, not only in the spiritual realm but also in the practical aspect of life. Hon. Mutati said “ this, Centre of Influence Facility, is a reflection of our shared belief in the importance of equipping individuals with the Skills and knowledge they need to thrive in an ever-changing world. It embodies the Seventh-day Adventist Church & its belief and  commitment to holistic development, encompassing not only the spiritual but also the Social and economic well- being of its members and the broader Community”.

The challenges currently facing Zambia and Africa at large, is that of unskilled labour and today we are happy to see some of these challenges being addressed by the Seventh-day Adventist Church. The Minister took advantage to advertise the courses that will be run at the Centre. He told the gathering that the following courses will be covered by  qualified personnel: Metalwork, Mechanics, Catering, Tailoring and Designing, Plumbing, Brick laying and Plastering. Others are Electrical, Entrepreneurship,  Pre-School, Gym and Counselling Centre in addition to other programs of helping the needy. This gathering was attended by hundreds of people as well Selected Dorcas and AMO personnel were there to drum up the support of their long awaited dream in the province and Senior clergyman Pastor Joseph at Hamoonga was also present. Sister Miriam Scott who once was the Dorcas president for SZC. She donated an ox to feed the delegates during the commissioning ceremony.

Well-wishers from various corners of South Zambia Conference attended the ceremony. Among them was Conference president Pastor Gladwin M. Mang’watu, with all Departmental Directors were in attendance and all Federation leaders from all district. Pastor Bednock Banji, the Personal Ministries Director at the Conference said: ” This Centre of Influence was initiated in 2005 at the time the plot was acquired. Due to lack of funds, works could not start immediately. Out of the 15 plans approved by the Choma Municipal Council, the one we are opening today is the Tailoring and Catering classroom block”. This structure was built by the AMO and Dorcas workers through contributions raised during Rallies of about USD $1 per person. We praise God for this Centre of Influence, that will bring development and equip and empower the local community as well.  So far, about 26,000 members have contributed to raise these funds for this noble project.

News Article: Ezra Muntanga & Noel Sibanda

Photography: Ezra Muntanga

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