Changed by Christ – Charged for Christ

Prince Itai, currently a member of  the Seventh-day Adventist Church,  runs a mechanical workshop in the east of the City of Tshwane (Pretoria, South Africa) in South Africa. When a Literature Evangelist first visited him, life was not well with him. He was experiencing a number of over-whelming challenges. He had been living a life was so far from God, that it affected his business and family. The Literature evangelist prayed for God to intervene in his circumstances. On another visit the Literature evangelist came along with another literature evangelist to strengthen his prayer efforts for Prince, his wife and business.

Prince had become so involved in drinking and smoking that only the power of God could rescue him. In his own words he said that he had done it all as far as sin is concerned. It soon became clear to him that God had answered the Literature Evangelists’ prayers. His desire for alcohol suddenly subsided.

Prince began to buy many books from the Literature Evangelist. The wisdom from the books helped him learn how to relate to his wife. As he further read the books, he came across the Sabbath truth. When the Literature Evangelist came for a visit again, Prince asked for more information about the Sabbath. When he understood the meaning and purpose of the Sabbath, he decided to visit an Adventist Church. On the second Sabbath took his family with him. Prince immediately joined the baptism class.

After attending the baptism/bible study class for a few consecutive sabbaths, Prince and his wife decided to be baptised and join God’s remnant people.  We praise God that Prince and his wife were baptised on the 16th of April 2016, the World Publishing Day.

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Some of his friends heard about this amazing change which had taken place in his life. They decided to witness his baptism. Some of them responded to a call for baptism and decided to join the Adventist

church through baptism. Prince believes that the Lord has a great purpose for his life. Other friends heard about this unbelievable change in his life and whenever they come to inquire about his new

faith, he continues to share his faith with enthusiasm with his old friends and customers.

Prince is very excited about his new faith and looks forward to a time in future when he will be able to be working as full time soul winner.  But he already is!


Reported by Elijah Maanzo, a Literature Evangelist in Pretoria, South Africa

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