Children Trained As Leaders

The Children’s Ministries Department of the Southern Africa Indian Ocean Division (SID) in conjunction with the Leadership Office of the SID has initiated the program: Trainers of Trainers with the intention that they would, in turn, train parents and leaders on how to raise children as leaders in the church. The training took pace in Gaborone, Botswana, from 10 to 12th January 2014.

This is the second seminar facilitated by Dr. Prudence Pollard (Assistant Vice-President for Faculty Development and Research – Oakwood University). The first seminar was conducted in August 2012 in Malawi.

Her book ‘Raise A Leader God’s Way’ was used as a textbook for the training covering topics such as: developing time and talents, nourishing moral health, building relational health, developing good habits, etc.

Fifty children and 10 adults (Trainers of Trainers) from all over Botswana were trained. This is a pilot project with plan that it would ‘spread’ it to all the unions of SID. Mrs. Sonita Seligman, Children’s Ministries Director of Botswana Union said: “ I am excited that such a training seminar could take place in our territory. We praise God for the initiative of SID.”

It was evident at the end of the seminar that successful Christian leaders are not educated in a seminar, college or university. They are raised in the homes of God-fearing parents when they are still children.

Mrs Caroline Chola
Children’s Ministries Director, SID

Comments (2)

  1. Cathrine Samakabadi

    Please when such events come in some areas let them be given a wide publicity. I stay in Maun, North Botswana Conference and didnt hear about this training.

    May the good LORD guide us as we raise these children to be His disciples.

  2. I leave in Gaborone,South Botswana Conference and never heard about the training either.
    For the sake of children,who suffer due to the ignorance of their parents, is it possible for
    the training to be repeated? We need to remember that ignorance of principles (law) is
    not an excuse for practicing what is right and good.

    Kind regards

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