Church Membership System (CMS) Training in Angola

Finally, every Union has launched CMS!  The South-Western Angola Union (SWAU) and North-Eastern Angola Union (NEAU) were the last two Unions in our division territory to see the launching of the CMS.

Training workshops were conducted in Huambo on June 30 and July 1, 2012, and in Luanda on July 2 and 3, 2012.

At the head office of the SWAU, in Huambo, the Executive Secretaries of the two Associations (Incl. their assistants and church clerks from five central churches), participated in this hands-on workshop.

In Luanda, at the headquarters of the North Association, 106 church clerks and IT technicians were trained.  During these workshops, special emphasis was laid on the training of the CMS Coordinators who are tasked to train the church clerks in the different provinces. They will also act as technical-links between the unions and the SID Secretariat.

Pastor J. Lemos and Pastor T. Vinte, Executive Secretaries of SWAU and NEAU respectively, have taken up the challenge of implementing the CMS in order to catch up with the other union. Catching up with them is not enough,€ said one of them. We need to overtake them.

The CMS is a real-time web-based electronic system that manages local church records and then produces accurate and reliable an up-to-date membership statistics [on demand] at all levels of the church.

Hensley Moorooven (Associate Executive Secretary SID)

and Mashudu Ravhengani

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