Confidence in Christ Day by Day

We all are created as social beings with the innate need to occupy time and create something. As of writing, we are on Day 46 of South Africa’s lockdown regulations and most of us have taken to social media creative ways to accomplish work and spend personal time at home. This has emerged as the new normal as we try to adapt. Whatever our personal predictions are of how society will turn out post-COVID-19 we just continue to survive through the motions of life one day at a time. Each of us is unique. With factors like family background, religious beliefs, social and economic status, cultural exposure, and adaptation – these influence our attitude towards the magnanimity of Covid-19. 

Most of us women spend a big part of our day taking care of family needs.  Some of us are fortunate enough to still keep a paid job while working from home.  With the current worldwide situation, women and men are challenged on how to balance a livelihood and personal life. God wants to be first and last in our lives (Exodus 34:14). But we don’t always have to compartmentalise time with Him away from our busy schedules. I’m fortunate enough to live in a little compound where I can have occasional visits with my close neighbours. Us ladies acted on the idea to come together in the mornings for prayer. From that group, we are encouraged to practice God’s presence.

When things get hectic and seem to keep me from finding time to spend with God, I claim the promise that God never gives up on me (Ezra 9:9). When we need strength to plan and navigate through the unknown God can give us more than we think we need. All we have to do is bask in His presence and ask (Luke 11:13). There are 3 things I regard important to get me through the day.

Count your Blessings. One way that can help you gain personal time with God is to start counting your blessings as soon as you wake up in the morning and keep counting them throughout the day. Depression is the biggest culprit of the mind during this Covid-19 pandemic. Grappling with the news coming from all over the world can easily cause anxiety attacks. The Harvard Health Publishing shared research findings that gratitude consistently helps people feel more positive, improve their health, and deal with problems among other benefits.

Bible Marking. If you don’t have any problems highlighting and writing notes on your Bible – like me, I would encourage you to do so. It becomes your personal journal about your daily experience with Christ. In moments you need comfort, your journey with God from your personal notes recorded in your Bible becomes a reminder of His faithfulness.

Praying Scripture. Words usually fail me when it is time to pray. But my heart is heavy with what I want to tell God. What helps me as a springboard is to pray Scripture. Those were words from men and women who lived through hard times before. They have the same burdens as we have today.

Every day of our lives is a manifestation of how full [of love] God’s heart is when He watches over [us] (Psalm 17:8). He longs for you to tell Him what is on your mind and heart. So today, choose to spend time with Him.

 By Romhelyn Deles

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