Convergence In Indian Ocean Union

Communication Directors and FM Radio Station Managers and AWR Leaders of Indian Ocean Union Conference (IOUC) wholeheartedly embrace the theme of CONVERGENCE introduced by SID Communication Director, Paul Charles.

“We have resolved to embrace Convergence because it is in line with the focus of the Southern Africa Indian Ocean Division: Total Member Involvement (TMI) and One Member-One Soul.”

What is convergence?

From our perspective this means that we don’t want to force everyone into one mold. Let’s face it – we are different.

“If I am going to be you, who’s going to be me?” SID Communication champions the aligning of common passions and creative initiatives side by side with a common goal in mind. We encourage you work in your own space and at your own pace but aligned with the mission of God’s church.

It is the process of moving together for a common purpose without losing individual identity. And it is also the process of going out as individuals but with a corporate goal.



Directeur du Département: Communication

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