East Zimbabwe Conference Youth Rally

On 21 January 2012,  the East Zimbabwe Conference held a youth rally at the Harare Sports Center in Harare.

This was an inspiring meeting in three ways:

  1. The Conference administration came to support the Conference youth department. It was clear to me that their support was not posturing but that this was indicative of the high view they hold of our youth and the youth department. This is something to be emulated by other entities in our division.
  2. There were about 30 pastoral families that came to support the rally. This was the most awesome thing about this event. Seeing our pastors and wives coming in their numbers was a statement in support of our work. Most of the pastors in Zimbabwe are Master Guides; this then explains why Zimbabwe is on an immense soul winning drive. Support to youth ministries results in youth involvement in church programs and evangelism.
  3. The youth themselves came in their numbers. In attendance were over 20 000 young people. According to the local youth leadership, this was an unprecedented turnout.

I wish to thank the union Youth Director-Ps Bongani Ndlovu and the East Zimbabwe Conference youth director for the great work they are doing in Zimbabwe. What I saw in the East Conference is reminiscent of what is happening in the entire union. This level of commitment should be replicated in our Division.

Ps. Busi Khumalo

Youth Ministries Director – SID

Comments (7)

  1. what you are doing is great

  2. may the lord bless you richly

  3. God work may the LOrd bless u all

  4. Thanks a lot Pastor Tapiwa Zinyemba (East Zimbabwe Conference Youth Director) and your team for organizing such a successful youth rally in Harare. Keep it up. God bless

  5. Thanks a lot Pastor Tapiwa zinyemba (East Zimbabwe Conference Youth Ministries Director) and your team for organizing such a successful youth rally in Harare. Keep up the good work. God bless

  6. Brighton Dube

    God be with you, thank you ZUC

  7. Thank so much to all pastors for the wondetful job.may god bless you and your familys.

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