From Airwaves To Baptism

COVID-19 forced many places into lockdown, and the Indian Ocean Union Conference was not spared. Due to government restrictions, we like many other churches across the world were not allowed to gather. Although some of the regulations have been lifted the number of people allowed in one setting is still limited. In spite of all these challenges, we praise God that we have been able to spread the good news through other avenues which include television and radio.

While the pandemic has had terrible effects in our lives, it has also been a blessing in disguise as it allowed us to achieve some of our mission goals. One of the goals we have in our strategic plan is to intensify the use of digital platforms in spreading the good news. During the lockdown period, we managed to produce various christian content which was broadcast across private television and radio stations. These included the Adventist FM stations which are spread across the island of Madagascar. We also successfully used social media platforms to reach a wider audience. Our messages have been a source of encouragement to many people who searching for hope.

Since March 2020, training and evangelistic campaigns have been held virtually at all levels of the Church. This has enabled us to see the advantages of using technology for the advancement of the kingdom of God. Through the use of social media and the Adventist FM radio stations, some of the listeners have accepted Christ as their personal Saviour and recently got baptised. So far we are happy to report that 27 people have been baptised as a direct result of the radio ministry during the COVID-19 period. While the world was under lockdown, the power of the gospel was not limited. Please pray for us as we continue to minister through the airwaves.

Written by: Rado Rakotonandrasana

 Photos courtesy of: Edouard Ranaivoson

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