Government of Angola endorses SDA church to preach the gospel…

We have a great God and need to expect great things

The Angolan government recently closed down the work of almost 20 denominational churches because of poor crowd control at religious meetings, especially in stadia, which has cost many lives and left others injured earlier in the year. The Angolan government respects all religious organizations, but requires that these groups register with the government. Holding in his hand a document from the government of Angola, Dr Araujo has informed the group on Friday evening [as the sabbath drew near] that the city of Luanda has authorized and acknowledges that the Seventh-day Church shall continue with its initiative to conduct so many evangelistic meetings in Luanda which is part of the church’s intentional thrust of Urban Evangelism.

Ps Solomon Maphosa (Executive Secretary-SID) reminded the speakers there are thousands who are already on the verge of decision and we need to go in full force knowing that the Holy Spirit, who is going with us has already gone before us … preparing the minds and hearts of God’s people to receive the salvation offered through Jesus Christ.

SID CFO Elder Nthani clearly articulated the reason for the gathering of so many preachers in Angola: “We don’t have more time, the entire division is gathering in Angola for one purpose: to lead people to Jesus Christ. Like Jehoshaphat, our eyes are upon the Lord, as we use this special privilege to be part of such an initiative.”

SID President, Dr Paul Ratsara, in his introductory comments said: “We have never had such an experience where we move into a city, from all parts of the Southern Africa Indian Ocean region, to preach the gospel. Indeed, we need to bring Jesus in the city. The Lord is already at work, lay members and preachers have already preached in many small groups, giving many Bible studies already.” Preaching to the preachers from the book of Acts, Dr Ratsara entitled his message “… and they will listen” Acts 28:28. He encouraged the preachers to believe and in faith, preach to those whom the Holy Spirit is already preparing. “We are here to see God doing a great work of revival and reformation. All His biddings are enablings. The means and power to do the Lord’s work, He has already provided. We need to pray as Jesus prayed, have passion for souls, be filled with the Holy Spirit, believe in God’s supernatural intervention, live a sacrificially wholly to God.”

Ratsara concluded by pleading with the group of preachers. “Let us capture the Spirit of the Apostles, pioneers and remnant church” was his final word before the preachers rested for the evening, on the eve of the beginning of the evangelistic meetings.

“… We must imitate the faithfulness and zeal [of our pioneers] … and do as they would have done had they lived in our day” Testimonies, Vol. 1, p.262.

Luanda para Cristo

Dr Paul Charles
SID Communication – We Connect

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  1. Dear Saint,

    There is a Video clip that I saw which was recorded in Angola with manna surrounding the church…its believed to be falling every Wednesday and it true?

    Thank you,

    David Maphanga

    South- Africa

  2. Wooman ordination is not bliblical it should not be accepted becuase the Bible says a Husband of one Wife , it didnt say a Wife of one Husband . in the Bible the 12 Tribes of ISRAEL WERE MAN , 12 APOSTLES WERE MAN . ELLEN WHITE SAYS WE SHOULNT DO WHAT THE BIBLE DOESNT APPROVE ( GREAT CONROVECY )


  4. Was EGWhite you are quoting as an authority a man, or a woman of one husband? Just checking.

  5. Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ,
    I would like to follow on the manna story from Namba Adventist mission in Angola. Just got the video this November 2015. I have seen a friend from South Africa asking on the same but the response given is short with little explanation. Can some body give more detail so that we can share the story with the brethren here in Malawi.
    May God bless you all,
    Dave Bester Machika

  6. Amen Viva Angola

  7. general conference decline to support ordination of women, how did it happen in South Africa?

  8. kindly if this story of Angola is true, send us detailed reports through our respective unions and conferences for clarification .Elmada otiego, from Kenya

  9. I am in Walla Walla, Washington, U.S.A. member of the Walla Walla City Church in the town of Walla Walla. Recently while discussing miracles at the close of our Sabbath School class a woman mentioned manna falling from Heaven in Africa. I searched the Internet and came up with the story. Here are some websites that you can go to for information on it. The first one is is a blogspot about the story as it was reported in the Signs of the Times issue on May 12, 1947. The next website is the actual article in the Signs of the Times. In the first article it mentions a Thomson Laboratory of Mass Spectrometery, Institute of Chemistry, in Campinas, Brazil who did an analysis in June 2011 of the manna. I searched the web for that report but didn’t come up with anything. I went to the following website and e-mailed them asking for the 11 page report or an analysis of the manna. I haven’t heard from them since I just e-mailed them. I don’t know if this will help you, but here’s the information I’ve gathered so far. By the way, the actual website, which you may already have, for the YouTube story by SIDmedia is at The manna story starts at 3:23 on your counter.

    God bless.

    Gary Martin

  10. We are living in the last days and the church become more and more like the world – it will imitate, reflect and uphold the standard, expectations and fever of the world thinking that she is upholding the standard of Christ. In Rev 17:3 is prophecy of last day woman sitting on the beast. Woman being harlot church, beast being political power. We interpret this woman to be Catholicism but part of her dogma is promotion of women’s rights, women into leadership and government, and this is a reflection of her believe which result in adoration of women imagery who is so call Mary the mother of Jesus. To me women striving to get ordination of woman in our church is a reflection of the desire for leadership and be in government of any sort and this is propagation of this impure woman ideologies. I would rather have our woman subject to Christ like a pure woman of Rev 12.1. This is I believe reflects the kind of woman who suppose to depend on Christ alone. This woman was in the wilderness and then emerge into scene in the last day. While interpreting these prophecies about women in the bible let us just not just not institutionalize it to represent the churches but drill it down to the very units that constitute these institutions. We must be careful not to ordain women because of the desire that they can have part in the executive decisions of the church and assume leadership role in church Government. This would be be a wrong motive. Today women in a secular spectrum are fighting for women’s rights and so forth and it is possible that that sensation can also be nurtured in our church. We have had women prophetess and noble women leaders in the bible who never strife as such but humbly serve accomplishing much without institutional ordinations… I believe that our omniscient God has another way of going about things than what the way we go about it now…

    God Bless

    George Naunun

  11. Have you not read the scriptures very very, Jesus prayed for everyone both male and female and commissioned all disciples even those ones that will belied to the work of preaching the gospel.we are all called so does the scriptures says,bible also said you are all same in christ.friend pls be like the berean christians in the book of acts.

  12. I am Gumikiriza James serving in Uganda Union and in Central Uganda Conference as a district leader. question. is this story of manna falling true? if it is true who is responsible at the union offices to call or contact. for details and to tour the place.?

  13. No ordination to women according to the bible.

  14. Dear Saint,

    There was a Video clip that I saw which was recorded in Angola with manna surrounding the church…its believed to be falling every Wednesday and Friday..
    Now I want to find out if this manna has been falling from 2015 up to now which is 2018?
    Thank you,

    Chapi Brian from Zambia

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