Honor Your Parents

On new year’s day I was involved in a car accident. Three of my friends, who were more like my sisters, died next to me. I was convinced by a friend on the 31st of December to go for a walk during that night, which I usually don’t do. My mother warned me of all the dangers and told me not to go. At first I obeyed but my friends insisted.

After a night of celebration, we were going home. The driver drove the car at the normal speed but my other friend kept encouraging him to go faster, which he did.image3-edit

All I remember is that he chased for the green traffic light, and I felt the car over-turning and I was screaming … and woke up in the hospital bed.

Dolores, my friend died on the scene, Luisa fractured her spinal column and died two days later after the burial of the sister. My third friend also had serious injuries and died in hospital. In the hospital, I felt that God had His hands on me, and put me in a deep sleep. God works miracles, I felt the protection of the Lord. I broke my left leg in the femur. According to the doctors I was supposed to be feeling a lot of pain but I do not. I’m a girl who trusts and believes in God and he heard and answered my prayers. I was in the hospital for 13 days. I was supposed to stay there more than one month but God did not allow it.

I had surgery, thank God everything went well without any problem. Today I know that God exists and He loves us. It was not in vain that He died on the cross, but because of the love He has for us. He always listens to our prayers and hears our cry.

Now I understand better the fifth commandment that says, “Honor your father and your mother so that your days be prolonged in the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee.”

Isabel Maleiane


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