Last One-day church in Malawi completed

Maranatha has been constructing churches and schools in Malawi, where a rapidly growing Church has created a need for new church structures. Many congregations are finishing their One-Day Church with fired brick walls.

Maranatha Volunteers International, founded in 1969, is a non-profit Christian organization, which organizes and implements the construction of urgently needed buildings all over the world. In the past 40 years, more than 65,000 people have volunteered for Maranatha projects in 78 countries.

Dr  Gilberto Araujo (Vice President-SID), in response to the generosity of Maranatha said: “We give praises to God for what was accomplished in SID territory and our deepest and sincere thankfulness to Maranatha Volunteers International for what they have done in Malawi.”

In March, Maranatha hit a major milestone when crews completed the last One-Day Church in Malawi. Since entering Malawi in 2011, Maranatha has built nearly 1,000 churches and schools. This has been Maranatha’s largest One-Day structure project to date. Maranatha will continue to work in Malawi as needed, but this concludes Maranatha’s One-Day structure program in the country.

“As a Division, we are extremely grateful for the partnership between SID and Maranatha.  We continue to pray that God will continue to cast His favor upon Maranatha as they bring Hope and joy to God’s people throughout the world,” Dr Paul Ratsara – SID President.

Maranatha spreads the gospel throughout the world as it builds people through the construction of urgently needed buildings.

Dr Paul Charles

SID Communication – We Connect

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  1. Mxolisi Myendeki

    Could it be possible that this wonderful programme be extended to some areas in South Africa? We are situated in an area in East London that is surrounded by a number of informal settlements and we have a Branch that is soon to be organised into a company. We have secured a site and have built a small timber structure that is becoming smallam

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