New Administrative Building opened at Rusangu University, Zambia

Rusangu University officially opened its new administrative building with Dr Ted Wilson unveiling the official plaque memorializing the event.  Dr Paul Ratsara boldly exclaimed that if you had to place the Rusangu of today and the Rusangu of 8 or 9 years ago side by side, it is not a comparison but a contrast.  He further exclaimed that education is cheaper than ignorance and that Rusangu is indeed a “miracle of God.”

Dr Phiri, the Honourable Minister of Education praised the Seventh-day Adventist church and declared that Seventh-day Adventists operate the largest Education system in the Protestant world.  He said further that education is the only way to escape poverty, mitigate disease and eradicate ignorance.  He said: “Moral failure is at the heart of economic downfall in Zambia.”  Speaking directly to young people he said: “Rusangu is a unique vessel that God wants to use to reach the young people.  Always thank God for His grace he bestowed upon you and be the torch-bearers of truth.”   Among those appreciated for monumental and foundational contributions was Dr Mulandano who was affectionately called the “Pathfinder of Rusangu.”  A common thread in all presentations by different speakers was that Zambia owed a lot to Missionaries who established mission stations and introduced modern education to Zambia and the rest of Africa.

When he stood behind the podium, Dr Ted Wilson expressed gratitude for Religious Liberty and Freedom of Conscience experienced in Zambia.  He spoke against a segmented approach to human existence.  He re-affirmed the biblical teaching of creation in 6 literal days and that man was created in the image of God as clearly spelt out in the first book of the Bible.  He implored: “the Bible is not just interesting stories.  Make it foundational in everything you say and do.”  He spoke about being vision focused, constantly and consistently. “Never take your eyes off the goal,” he said.  Finally, he reminded those gathered, of the focus of the Seventh-day Adventist church namely ‘the second coming of Christ. He publicly declared to all present: “Jesus is coming soon.  I believe it with all my heart.”

At an evening meeting on March 13, 2012, in Lusaka, Pastor Ted Wilson, challenged Seventh-day Adventists to a life of primitive godliness, revival and preparation for the latter rain.  He implored Seventh-day Adventists to “make a difference wherever you are called to serve.”

Elder Nchumunya Chitenge said that the President, in his address, made it very clear that there is no place for self and pride in our relationship with Christ.  We need to follow Jesus Christ because He is our standard and means of righteousness.   Dr Ted Wilson proclaimed that we need to dream big dreams, pray earnest prayers, focus on God and God alone, die to self, remain humble and look forward to the second coming of Jesus Christ.  Finally, he reiterated, “Seventh-day Adventists must hold fast to the Bible as our foundation for belief and practice in this world. The Reformation did not end with Luther … it must continue with us.”

Dr Paul Charles

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