New Directors appointed at Extra-ordinary Executive Committee – SID

February 7, 2013 – During an Extraordinary Executive Committee held at St George, Pretoria, it was voted to elect Pastor Aniel Barbe to serve as Stewardship and Trust services Director for the Southern Africa Indian Ocean Division.    Pastor Aniel Barbe (former President of Indian Ocean Union Mission – IOUM) replaces Pastor Micah Choga, who served with distinction at the SID offices in the same office since 2005.  Pastor Choga was recently elected to serve as President of the Zimbabwe Union Conference, at the Regular Business Session in November 2012.  Pastor Barbe will continue to serve as President of IOUM, but will resume full responsibility of the Stewardship office at SID, following the mid-year Executive Committee meetings.

Stewardship is a fundamental doctrine for the Seventh-day Adventist Christian, based in the belief that God, at creation, established the first humans as the caretakers of the world, and that this responsibility has passed to all progeny of that original couple.

What is stewardship? Stewardship is the human side of the lordship relationship with Jesus Christ. It is the lifestyle of one who accepts Christ’s lordship, walking in partnership with God and acting as God’s agent to manage His affairs on earth. Stewardship is the human side of the Lordship relationship with God–in other words, integrated lordship. This includes every area of life, including but not limited to money. Thus stewardship has a broad scope and application to daily life.

At the same meeting, Mr Ashley Jude Le Fleur was appointed to serve as Human Resource (HR), Director of SID.  The HR Director will also assist the Administration of Union Conferences, on a consultative capacity, within the SID territory.

Dr Paul Charles

SID Communication – We Connect

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