One Child, One Bible Project Launched in Botswana Union Conference  

Photo credit: Aobakwe Armando

The Botswana Union Conference Children’s Ministries Department, under the leadership of Sonita Seligmann, recently launched the One Child, One Bible Project. This project aims to ensure that at least one Bible is placed in the hands of children who are considered less fortunate or from non Seventh-day Adventist homes. By partnering with organizations, churches, and parents, the department hopes that through this project, children will be encouraged to reach up to God for nurturing purposes as they read the Bible.

In support of the One Bible, One Child project, Adventist Mission donated Bibles worth $15,000. This was further complemented by 1 650 Bibles that were purchased from the Botswana Bible Society. The Botswana Union President Dr. Kenaope Kenaope and his team dedicated the Bibles in preparation for distribution to vulnerable children whose parents may not be in a position to buy one for them.

Teens with their brand new Bibles. Photo credit: Sonita Seligmman and Aobakwe Armando

To find out how you can contribute and also learn more about projects that the Children’s Ministries departments within the Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division are involved in visit:

Written by: Sonita Seligmann
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