Pastor Evangelizes and Builds 4 Churches for His Members in 4 Years

Londuimbali – As a result of its evangelistic thrust, the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Angola has registered a strong growth in membership. However, this growth has also brought with it the need to build more churches to house the new members. In many places, the lack of churches, or the presence of unfinished churches, has almost become an eyesore in the community. However, this sad story is now a thing of the past in the municipal village of Londuimbali, in the province of Huambo, the second largest city in Angola. Since 2019, Pastor Silvino Calei Albino, a district Pastor in the area, made sure that God’s people will have decent places of worship.

Seeing the need to house God’s children in decent facilities, Pastor Calei had to pull up his sleeves in order to get his hands dirty and he started to build churches for God’s faithful children in this vast area. During the past four years, Pastor Calei and his team have so far built not one, not two but 4 beautiful permanent churches, 3 temporary clay churches, and a Pastoral house for the district pastor. Talking about his humble work and his team, pastor Calei says: It was the need and desire to welcome new people who have been converted that led me to think of structures to house them”. Pastor Calei says it took him and his team less than a year to build one church, hence for the past four years they managed to build four beautiful churches.  In terms of costs involved, Pastor Calei said that all these constructions have so far gobbled about 5 million Angolan kwanzas about USD $10000. On how he managed to achieve this, pastor Calei says: “the church members buy the building materials and me and my team we take care of erecting the walls, the roof and all the (masonry) as the specialists call it”

Pastor Calei reiterated that the constructions are at zero cost and what he does is missionary work to further God’s kingdom as he believes his reward is in heaven. He has so far encouraged other brothers and sisters with such gifts to emulate his spiritual gift as we all embark on our strategic plan of, I Will Go. At that moment, he works hand in glove with the skilled personnel from the National Electricity Company in order to make sure that all electrical wiring and plumbing are within the recommendations of the government of Angola set standards.

As the bible says, it is more blessed to give than to receive, it came as no surprise that the district where he operates under has been on the list of the top ten that return tithes and offerings faithfully to Missão Centro, administrative headquarters of the Seventh-day Adventist Church for the Central region of Angola. As a result of his dedication to the mission of the church, pastor Calei is a darling of his community and he gives God all the glory for the spiritual gifts that God equipped him with. We pray that many people will be inspired as they emulate pastor Calei’s dedication to the mission of the church. If you want to know more about Pastor Calei his contact details are: +24 4923918326

Article By: Diamantino Sawambo & Noel Sibanda
Photographs: Silvino Calei Albino
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