Seventh-day Adventist Church in Zambia divides in order to Multiply

Zambia has more than 760 000 Adventists and Elder George Siyamuzoka, the Chief Financial Officer for the Zambia Union of Seventh-day Adventists said: “in order to accommodate the growth rate of the church, it is important to establish a new administrative office.”  “In 1998, three territories were divided into six and as a result in 1990, it was announced to be the fastest growth rate in the world.  In 2007, the North Zambia field was divided into two because of its membership of more than 30 000.  As a result of the division, the North Zambia Field increased to a membership of 47 000 while the other part, Luapula Field of Zambia increased to a membership of 70 000.  “In order to manage such growth, it is important to set up another Union Administrative office in Ndola.”  “In order to enhance evangelism we have to divide in order to multiply,” he said.

The projected plan of the church in Zambia is to double the church membership by 2020.   “The realignment of the Copperbelt Conference in Zambia will also be a form of decentralization in order to bring the leadership closer to the people,” said Pastor Daniel Chuunga, President of Copperbelt Zambia Field of Seventh-day Adventists.

Zambia is the fastest growing territory in the South Africa Indian Ocean Division region.

Dr Paul Charles

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