SID Ministerial Convention 2023-Benguela, Angola

Benguela town in the South-Western Angola Union Mission, was the venue for the 2023, Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division Ministerial Convention. This high-profile prestigious convention was attended by the two Angola Unions namely: North-Eastern Angola Union Mission and South-Western Angola Union Mission.

Running under the leadership of Dr. Passmore Mulambo and his wife sister Margret Mulambo, under the Ministerial Department, the Convention was held in the town of Benguela from the 5th to the 8th of July, 2023 under the theme: “Called to Serve.”  This is the SID Ministerial theme for this quinquennium, 2020-2025.


The meetings were well attended with more than 800 pastors and Pastoral spouses participating. The pastors and their spouses were blessed by a variety of topics. There was everything for everyone as evidenced by the diverse topics that were presented during the entire Convention. The following were the Speakers for these meetings:

Dr. Hopeson Bonya, the Vice President of the Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division handled the topic – Leadership, which was meant to equip and empower our pastors with leadership skills. Another SID Vice President, Dr. Jongimpi Papu and his wife Nomthandazo Patricia Papu, responsible also for Family Ministries Department, were on the ground to make sure that if the family is strong, then the church of God is strong too.

Leadership is part of key performance indicators in our strategic plan of I Will Go and as such Dr Robson Marinho, reiterated  Leadership for Mission and Ministry of Compassion and the delegates were delighted, to know that the two work hand in hand for the mission of the church, because Jesus’s ministry was that of love and compassion and what a better way to emulate His ministry than for the church members to be His hands and feet.

The SID Personal Ministries and Ministerial Director, Dr. Passmore Mulambo accompanied by his wife sister Margret Mulambo, handled the topic: The Importance of the Call to Ministry, Ministerial Ethics and Evangelism. He challenged the pastors and their spouses to be ethical in their day-to-day work as their calling demands integrity and good ethics. Sister Margret Mulambo addressed the topic Ministry to Pastoral Spouses and Team Ministry”. She emphasized the importance of teamwork and that without teamwork, it will be impossible to tackle the work ahead of the church. She challenged the pastoral spouses to remain united if they are to accomplish God’s mission.

Those who attended the Convention said, this was indeed a wonderful time of fellowship and learning, as it brought together the leaders from the Division, the Unions and Conferences to share valuable information and life experiences to equip the pastors with important mission skills. What made the convention even more exciting, was the great music from various music groups, some of which were composed specifically for this great event. The three day Convention ended on a very high note of Revival and Reformation and Commitment to the ministry with special focus on Evangelism, as the church embarks on our strategic plan of, “I WILL GO”

News Article: Dr Passmore Mulambo & Noel Sibanda

Photography: T’edy Chiaca & Michelo Mulambo

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