SID Publishing Director Joins The Adventist University of Africa Family

The Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division (SID) is both sad and pleased to announce that Dr Super Moesi has taken up a new appointment at the Adventist University of Africa, (AUA). He will be relocating to the lovely campus in Kenya where he will serve as the Director of the Ellen White Estate Branch Office. Dr Moesi served in the SID Publishing Department for the past 15 years alongside his wife, Boipelo Moesi. I use the word alongside deliberately as this was not a case of “behind every successful man is a woman.” Boipelo worked side by side with him as she served as a departmental secretary in the Adventist Mission, Pastor’s Kids Association and Secretariat departments respectively.

Those who know Dr Moesi will immediately tell you that one of his favourite pastime activities was running marathons. Perhaps the commitment that comes with marathon preparation speaks to the level of perseverance that he possesses and yes his wife Boipelo ran with him as well. I believe the Adventist Athletics Club will sorely miss them as they were both active members. In an unassuming corner in Pretoria East, South Africa, Boipelo will also be missed by the group of people that she provided hot meals for every Thursday. She did this consistently with a group of ladies who also work at the SID office. It’s one thing to start a project and another to finish strong. She ran that particular race well.

Dr Solomon Maphosa, SID President, has expressed his gratitude for the work that Dr Moesi did during his tenure. He describes him as one of the best Departmental Directors that SID had while highlighting his track record of being a change agent. Some Unions that have previously registered few to no Literature Evangelists and Publishing Department Directors can now boast of a considerable difference due to his influence. Elder Maphosa would like to encourage the family to continue being a good influence wherever they go. He only has nine final words for Dr Moesi, “Don’t ever forget that your real calling is “books.”

When asked what his final words to the church members in the SID were, Dr Moesi had this to say. “The Lord originated the Publishing Ministry so much so that He decided to reveal Himself through a book, the Bible. Our pioneers combined the spoken and the written word to reach thousands with the gospel. I want to encourage every church member in SID to share a missionary book and touch a soul for the kingdom. Imagine if each member shared one book each month, SID would saturate its territory with the gospel within seven years. Remember, a book is a gift that keeps giving. I challenge each member to develop a culture of sharing at least one book a month. Sharing a book or a tract can be done by both the young and old. All can fulfil the “I Will Go” initiative. To the lovely, committed and passionate Literature Evangelists and leaders, it’s our time. Let’s go!”

Blessed of my Father, we wish you and your family well as you go and serve in a different capacity. May God continue to bless you!

Written by: Saneliso Moyo

“A Daughter Of Publishing”

Photos courtesy of Thembinkosi Moyo, Lens Talk
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