SID Serious about the Call to the Gospel Ministry

The need for a period of time to prove one’s calling may be even greater today when so many new Christians are training for the ministry.  This makes the need for supervised internship critical to maintain the integrity of the gospel ministry. The SID Leadership Summit highlighted the critical need for consistent evaluation of ministerial interns.

The purpose of internship is to provide beginning ministers with practical experience and instruction that is not available in the classroom in order to help them gain insights, confidence, competence and poise in their role and function as ministers.

Dr Jongimpi Papu, Ministerial Director (SID), made it very clear that deviation from the policy regulating supervised internship is not only detrimental to the individual but costs the church more than we can imagine when the integrity of the ministerial call is compromised.

The SID Policy creates an opportunity for those desiring of joining the gospel ministry before they go for training to prove themselves and the church that they have a willingness to develop the ministerial gift.


Further, Ps Super Moesi, Publishing Director (SID), updated the leaders of SID that more than four million copies of “The Great Hope” have been distributed during the first phase of distribution of the Great Hope Project.

Indeed, at a time a desperate restlessness, Seventh-day Adventists are called to be agents of Hope through Jesus Christ.


Dr Paul Charles

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