South-Western Angola Union Publishing Department Embraces Digital Platforms During COVID-19 Pandemic

The South-Western Angola Union (SWAU) was ready to carry out its annual distribution of the missionary book of the year. Members had already contributed for the print run of the book. However, lockdown imposition due to coronavirus halted their plans to distribute hard copies. The Union did not let this new reality deter the distribution plans. After much discussion in the Union Publishing Committee, the Union voted to digitally distribute “Hope Beyond Tomorrow” by Mark Finley.

The Publishing Department embarked on an extensive social media campaign of the book. Those interested in receiving the book sent their pictures as a confirmation of readiness to take part. The Union created two business WhatsApp groups with 250 participants as the main channel of downloading the book. There were additional groups which brought the number to 500 participants. The goal was to share 5000 copies through the participants assuming that each one shared 10 books.

Before the launch of the campaign, a dedication ceremony was conducted by the Union Publishing Director, Diamantino Sawambo. The Union President Pastor Manuel Pacheco and the Chief Financial Officer, Frascisco Tchitawila also offered a special prayer for the books to reach the rightful owners. All of this was done via an online service in order to maintain social distancing. One of the recipients, former governor, and wife of a member of parliament, shared her gratitude. “Thanks for sharing this book. I am already reading, and please share more books with me”.

The experience has shown us that we must master the courage to use unconventional methods to reach as many people as possible through the printed page. The pilot project has also given us contact leads for our literature evangelist to follow up on with more books post lockdown. We praise God that the seed has been planted, which otherwise would have gone “stale”, had we not gone unconventional.

By Diamantino Sawambo

Publishing Director – SWAU

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