Spiritual Revival as Salima District in Central Malawi Conference Hosts 2020 Big Sabbath Celebration

Over ten churches in Salima, Malawi gathered at Asante Garden for this year’s district Big Sabbath celebration. The event which ran under the theme, ‘Jesus Christ is coming soon, Salima get ready.’ took place on 31 October 2020 . The guest speaker was Elder Nelson Msiska, who is the Central Malawi Conference Director of Health and Religious Liberty. Also in attendance was the Salima District Pastor, Joshua Ben Zilinde, Salima Inspector of Police Martha Kanunga and Sub-Inspector of Police George Kamtondo who is also responsible for Community Policing and Child Protection respectively.

Elder Msiska encouraged the church members not to tire in waiting for the second coming of Jesus. He also cautioned against the trend of date setting by reiterating Matthew 24:36 which states, “But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.” As the meeting came to a close, Pastor Joshua Ben Zilinde reminded the congregants that even though they may worship in different locations, they are one big family. Speaking about the celebration, he said, “Today, we came as individuals, families, and various local churches. However, as we leave this place, I hope you have been reminded that we are one in Christ.

Lazarus Jeremiah, a member of Namachete under Thavite church travelled over 40km to attend this event as he would not miss it for the world. He expressed appreciation for the occasion which many initially thought would not take place due to COVID-19. Speaking about the day, he said, “my spiritual life has been stirred as the message presented today was not only clear but timely. The Big Sabbath, which was hosted by Kamuzu Road church, brought together members from 10 organised churches (not counting branches). Namely; Thavite, Lipimbi, Chinguluwe, Kaphatenga, Salima, Msangu, Mafco, Lifuwu, Sengabay and the host church.

Written by: Patrick Nyerere
Salima, Malawi

Photos courtesy: Patrick Nyerere

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