Successful women stand beside their Husbands

A unique feature of the SID Leadership summit (February 2013) was the intentional inclusion of the spouses of Leaders and designing a special program for them.  More than 70 women gathered to focus on issues relevant and unique to their special calling.  The seriousness and privilege of being a leader’s spouse was clearly spelled out as Dr Paul Ratsara (SID –President), explained the critical role they play.

Patricia Papu (SID Shepherdess Co-ordinator), in her presentation, highlighted the privilege of service and clearly stated that it is not a burden to be called to stand beside their spouses who are elected leaders of the church. But instead it is a joy and honor.

Mrs Savie Maphosa, in her presentation said: “as mothers and wives, as well as spouses of leaders, women have special challenges that are unique to them.”  Therefore, time was spent to talk about how to deal with the difficulties and challenges of their positions, as testimonies were shared.

Mrs Rhoda Nthani, the HIV AIDS Director of SID, presented a very sensitive and important issue regarding HIV AIDS.  It was an eye-opener.  Attendees understood why young girls are more prone to infection and HIV AIDS.

Again, in line with the lifestyle of SID, the ladies prayed for themselves, their husbands and the mission of the church.  The shepherdesses pledged to continue to pray for each other until the next summit and further, until Jesus comes.

The SID believes that good Christian leadership, to a large extent, is dependent on a healthy family life.

Dr Paul Charles

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