Sunday Gets Baptised on Sabbath

“Seven years ago Sunday was lifted up from sleep, dragged outside the house. He lifted up his head and saw heaven open. He heard a voice speak to him telling him to see what will happen sometime in the future. He was shown his Lord’s second coming and how dreadful it will be for the people (especially those who don’t worship him). Sunday saw the fire, the earthquake and the people running to and fro. He cannot read nor speak properly. He was born disabled and with a terrible mental challenge.”

Sunday spoke to his grandmother fluently and properly for the first time in his life and narrated everything he saw to her.   Two weeks ago, on Wednesday, when Pastor Reuben Muyunda preached on the second coming from the Bible, Sunday’s grandmother was dumbfounded.  Again Sunday spoke to her quickly enough to remind her what he told her 7 years ago. And asked if he could [now] be baptized.


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