Ted Wilson prays for Zimbabwe as new Constitution is being crafted

Baurbfields Stadium, in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe was packed with 38 000 people as they welcomed the President of the General Conference, Pastor Ted Wilson. One visitor expressed that they will never forget this experience.

Seventh-day Adventists affirmed their commitment to the Bible and the distribution of the abridged version of the book, the Great Controversy. Wilson prayed that God would bless those responsible for crafting the new constitution of the country. He prayed that God must bless the leaders with unusual wisdom while referring to James 1v5, that they must have “heavenly direction and wisdom.” Publicly, Seventh-day Adventists prayed that the new constitution should reflect biblical principles.

Hon. SS Nkomo, Minister of Water Resources Development and Management, asked the church to pray for rain needed in some parts of the country. While Wilson led the corporate prayer, he also emphasized the need to constantly pray for the latter rain as spiritual rain is also needed on a daily basis. Seventh-day Adventists prayed for a peaceful upcoming election in Zimbabwe and for the leaders of the country.

The honourable minister, Sam Siphepha Nkomo, said: ”the new constitution will continue to guarantee freedom of religion” and encouraged the church to continue to pray for the nation of Zimbabwe.

Ted Wilson said: “we need to be reminded that we are saved by grace and live by faith.”

Nkosilathi Khumalo,

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