Ted Wilson says: “Reformation did not end with Luther … it must continue”

At an evening meeting on March 13, 2012, in Lusaka, Zambia, Pastor Ted Wilson, challenged Seventh-day Adventists to a life of primitive godliness, revival and preparation for the latter rain.  He implored Seventh-day Adventists to “make a difference wherever you are called to serve.”

Elder Nchumunya Chitenge said that the President, in his address, made it very clear that there is no place for self and pride in our relationship with Christ.  We need to follow Jesus Christ because He is our standard and means of righteousness.

Dr Ted Wilson proclaimed that we need to dream big dreams, pray earnest prayers, focus on God and God alone, die to self, remain humble and look forward to the second coming of Jesus Christ.

Finally, he reiterated that “Seventh-day Adventists must hold fast to the Bible as our foundation for belief and practice in this world. The Reformation did not end with Luther … it must continue with us.”

Dr Paul Charles

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