The Battle Between Net Pay and Faith, God Keeps His Word

Bentry Zaliro Moyo

While conducting a Stewardship emphasis week in Dididi church (of North Malawi Conference), pastor Grayson Mtenje punctuated his preaching with home visitations of members. He sought to encourage them to be faithful stewards of God’s resources. One of the homes visited was that of Bentry Zaliro Moyo who had challenges with returning tithe and offerings. Desiring to know more, he asked the pastor several questions during Bible study about tithe and offerings. When the appeal was made, he was among those who pledged to be faithful.

At the end of the month, the pastor, like a farmer who has just planted seeds, was anxious to see if those who promised to be faithful in tithe and offerings kept their word. To his dismay, Mr Moyo, despite making a dual promise at home and church to begin returning tithe failed to live up to his word. Wanting to find out why he had not kept his promise; the pastor took it upon himself to visit him once more. He received an all too familiar response. Mr Moyo informed him that what he got as his nett pay after several deductions were effected, was not enough for him to return tithe. He would try the following month.

True to his word, when month-end came, Mr Moyo was determined to honour his promise. But like the previous month, after deductions for insurance, and other financial lending institutions; he was left with an amount equivalent to tithe and offerings he was meant to return. Confused as to what he was to do, he went to see the pastor with the hope that the pastor would excuse him from fulfilling the promise he made to God. Contrary to his expectation, the pastor told him to return tithe and experience what God was going to do for him and his family. He went to the bank, withdrew the money and took it to the treasurer. The following morning before going to work, he went to the pastor’s house for prayer because he was scared of the family’s fate for the rest of the month.

Later that day, he was surprised when his daughter came home with a tablet of soap she had received this from her friend’s parents, where she had gone to play. God had begun to bless the family. The day after he returned tithe and offerings, a message popped on his phone. Wow! It was a credit notice to his account. His office had compensated him for an accident he was involved in three years earlier while on duty. He was dumbfounded because he had forgotten about it due to the lapse of time.Exhilarated, he went to the pastor to share the good news. They both rejoiced and thanked God for what He had done—keeping His word. From that amount he was compensated with, he returned tithe and offerings. In addition, he sponsored an evangelistic campaign and gave another portion for the church building project. Through these trying and difficult times always remember that God keeps His word.

By : Moffat Botolo and Mundia Liywalii

Malawi Union Stewardship Director & SID Stewardship Director

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