Total Member Involvement: One Member – One Soul

It is a foundational principle of Christian Leadership that It has to be in you before it is in them.

The leadership Summit of the Southern African Indian Ocean Region (February 16-20, 2016) is an annual strategic investment of SID to affirm the mission and focus of the church. The strategic plan of the SID church focuses on the mission statement of the Seventh-day Adventist church and our identity and implementation of our mission. Church Administrative Leaders, with their spouses, met to align their plans with the intentional focus of the church.

Receiving affirmation from Dr G T Ng, Executive Secretary of the General Conference that SID has produced World class leaders and attributing it partly to initiatives such as the Leadership Summit, was a high moment as he challenged the Regional Leadership to be faithful to the calling of God in their lives and the policies of the church.

The SID leadership Summit is designed to orient, inspire and guide Leaders from ALL administrative organizations such as Unions, Conferences and Institutions of Higher Learning. At this Summit, the strategic plan and emphasis of the church was outlined. With enthusiastic support, the leadership from ALL levels united around the key focus areas of the church: Reach UP to God, Reach IN with God and Reach OUT with God.

Sensing our need to depend on Divine strength, Leaders submit that their Source of Strength and dependence is God alone.  One characteristic of SID meetings has always been prayer (Epaphras moment) and this summit was not any different in this regard.  Seeking God in prayer and joyful worship at this summit was an opportunity to connect with God and fellowship as fellow leaders.

Dr Paul Ratsara, President of SID, believes that leaders from happy homes make good leaders in the church. In line with this belief, leaders attending this summit were accompanied by their spouses. It was a unique time for leaders to spend quality time with their spouses.

Another principle of Christian leadership is: “what’s worth remembering is worth repeating.” Therefore,  presentations were made about the financial and working policies of the church with opportunity to engage and discuss points of clarity.  This was refreshing for some and an eye-opener to others as issues were deliberated upon candidly and with Christlike spirit. Chief Financial Officer (SID), Mr Goodwell Nthani, made it clear that a clean/unqualified audit report/opinion is evidence of good leadership in any entity and he encouraged compliance to the procedures and processes of the church which maintains principles of good governance.

Indeed it was time to reaffirm the unique calling of God on His leaders and the purpose of His church on earth.  From the first day to the last, one key focus area which absorbed the attention of the delegates is Total Member Involvement (TMI).  SID’s contextualized commitment to TMI is: One Member One Soul.  SID, through Dr Paul Ratsara, rallied the support of the leaders to Divide to Multiply. “Divide to Multiply is a biblical concept that can revolutionize the church,” he said. Big churches and organizations need to carefully and strategically divide in order to facilitate growth and closer relationship between members and leaders.

“It is time to use all our resources and encourage every member to use their God-given gifts to bring glory to His name through soul winning.” Dr Solomon Maphosa. Our efforts must be intentional. Dr Ratsara made it very clear that this work entrusted to the church started with a manifestation of miracles and it will also end with Divine interventions.

Dr Paul Charles
SID Communication – We Connect

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  1. I am looking for resources regarding the Total Member Involvement: One Member – One Soul initiative.

    I am the Communication Secretary at Bellville Seventh-day Adventist Church.

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