“We need to be Accountable”

The Treasury Department, represented by Elder Goodwell Nthani (SID – Chief Financial Officer) drew attention to the financial oversight committees, within the SDA Church, with the leaders as a way of improving performance.  In his presentation to the Leaders who gathered for the SID Leadership Summit, he said: “The church has adequate policies and procedures to run church entities efficiently and effectively.   The challenge in leadership occurs when leaders do not comply with the established policies.”  In outlining many challenges, he highlighted that one of the key challenges is that,  those in leadership, are not paying much attention to these already established policies.

The presentation, emphasized the establishment and the use of the four financial oversight committees, namely: Audit committee, Compensation Review Committee, Financial Statement Review Committee and  Financial Survey Commission.   It has been observed that the Unions that have fully complied and established these committees, have drastically improved their performance.

Dr Paul Charles
SID Communication – We connect

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