Women’s Ministries Department  holds a day of Prayer and Fasting in South Malawi Conference 

Ten Days of Prayer is an annual initiative of the  Seventh-day Adventist Church. The days are set aside to encourage the world church to start the year with prayer while being revived by various themes shared each day. The South Malawi Conference ended the ten days on a high note by hosting a day of prayer and fasting at the Covenant hall in Blantyre. Over 4000 women attended this special event. 

The theme was ” See they are praying” derived from Acts 9 vs 10 -20,  in which the Lord had heard Saul praying and instructed Ananias to go and place his hands on him so that he may restore his sight. The healing was the start of his transformation from Saul to Paul and the journey to him becoming a preacher of the gospel. 

Mrs. Emily Banda Egolet, the Malawi Union Women’s Ministries Director, encouraged the women to lead a prayerful life and ensure that every woman is involved in the ministry in one way or the other. She also emphasised on the need to love one another and stand united even amidst trials.

The South Malawi Conference Women’s Ministries Director Mrs. Joyce Milandu thanked the Union Director for coming and urged the women to remain focused on Christ’s soon coming. Similar events have been held in the Central Malawi Conference and the North Malawi Conference. We praise God for the work that is being done by the Women’s Ministries Department in Malawi. 

Written by:  Emily Banda Egolet 

Malawi Union Women’s Ministries Director

Photo credit: Emily Banda Egolet 
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