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Young Adventist Women convention held in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

West Zimbabwe Conference held its first-ever Young Adventist Women’s retreat from 25th to 27th October 2019 at Solusi University, Zimbabwe, where over 500 young women attended. The theme of the conference was ‘At Such A Time Like This’

According to Mrs. Thandazile Dube, the West Zimbabwe Conference Women’s Ministries Director, the objective of the retreat was to address challenges being faced by young women such as depression, suicide, drugs, vuzu parties (where they abuse alcohol, take drugs and get involved in group sex), an issue which is becoming major in the city of Bulawayo.  Further, it was intended to help young women to have a sense of worth and direction in the times that we live in.  The ladies were challenged to live a life that glorifies God and also be the ‘Esther’s’ of this day.

The facilitators were drawn from specialised women like Mrs. Z. Sibanda the Zimbabwe West Union Women’s Ministries Director, Mrs. Masuku an educationist, Mrs. Botomani who specializes in brokenness among young women and Mrs. Bere who specialises in HIV/AIDS issues.

Some of the topics covered were: Self Esteem, The Broken Vessel, Virginity as a virtue, Stress management, Mental Wellness, Forgiving Oneself and Moving on, How to Find the Right Marriage Partner, Cervical Cancer, Urinary Tract Infections, Young Women and HIV/AIDS.  There was also a talk show on ‘How to Find the Right Marriage partner.

By: Thandazile Dube 

Women’s Ministries Director

West Zimbabwe Conference

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