Zambia, Chiyabi Community Evangelistic campaign

South Zambia Conference, which is part of Southern Zambia Union Conference, has been chosen as a site for public evangelism as preachers from all over Zambia will be conducting campaigns from the month of September 2019. In preparation for this event, Maamba Mission District decided to implement pre -campaigns in various areas, in order to steer and prepare people’s hearts in readiness for the September month of great harvest.

A two week “Acts of the Holy Spirit” evangelistic campaign was conducted in Chiyabi Community. The meeting was mainly dominated by non-Seventh-day Adventists including some who have been involved in Spiritualism practices for a long time. The evangelistic meetings were conducted by Pastor, Kashweka C. Clive and Evangelist Boyd Monze. 800 souls surrendered their lives to Jesus Christ while 270 were baptized. We thank God for this breakthrough and pray that the meetings in September will yield much fruit under the influence of the Holy Spirit. 

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