Zimbabwe West Union Conference Session: 2022

The Zimbabwe West Union Conference held its Session on the 21st of November 2022. The session was held at Solusi University campus, just outside Bulawayo, the city of Kings. During the session the following leaders were elected to lead the Union in this brief quinquennium.

President: Dr Sikhumbuzo Ndlovu. Before his election to be the President of ZWUC, Dr Ndlovu was serving as the Personal Ministries/Ministerial/PAKIA/Family Life.

Executive Secretary: The new Executive Secretary for the Union is Pastor Taddius Nkanyezi. Before his election pastor Nkanyezi served as the President of West Zimbabwe Conference

Chief Financial Officer: The new Chief Financial Officer is Elder Ashley Ncube.  Before his election, Elder Ncube was serving as the CFO for South Zimbabwe Conference.

During the just-ended session, the following Departmental Directors were elected as well with the following responsibilities:

Education, Communication and Public Affairs and Religious Liberty (PARL) Dr. Jefrety B Sibanda

Family Life, Ministerial, Publishing, SOP and VOP  pastor Simanga Ngwenya

Children, Women, Education, Health and AIM  Mrs. Zibusiso Sibanda

Youth, Chaplaincy, PCM, and Pakia Pastor Lungile Sitsha

Sabbath School, Personal Ministries, and Possibility Lullama Tshuma

Stewardship, Pastor Sindiso Mpofu

News Article: Noel Sibanda. Photography: Noel Sibanda

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